Self Titled EP

by Siamese Queens

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First S/T EP available now. Recorded in 2011 at Polski Studio - Belgium
(find us now on Kuistax Booking)


released October 17, 2011

SIAMESE QUEENS are still :

Vankou (Vocals)
Guy (Guitars)
Guillaume (Guitars)
Alex (Bass)
Julien (Drums)

- Upcoming Shows -

10/02/2013 @ Kinky Star - Gent (BE)
10/12/2013 @ Magasin 4 - Bruxelles (BE) Kuistax Fest 1.

- Past shows -

European Tour
09/27/2013 @ Velbloud - Ceske Budejovice (CZ)
09/26/2013 @ Ost Klub - Vienna (OST)
09/25/2013 @ Fuga - Bratislava (SLK)
09/24/2013 @ Gala Hala - Ljubljana (SLO)
09/23/2013 @ Radio Student - Ljubljana (radio gig) (SLO)
09/22/2013 @ Wats- Holesov (CZ)
09/21/2013 @ Domino Bar - Olomouc (CZ)
09/20/2013 @ Divadlo Pod Lampou - Plzen (CZ)
07/20/2013 @ DNA - Brussels BE) w/ RETOX
06/21/2013 @ L’imposture - Lille (FR) w/Errata, United Fruit…
06/21/2013 @ Local de la 5ème - Mouscron (BE)
05/04/2013 @ Century Rock - Mouscron (BE) w/Electric Electric
04/17/2013 @ Le Bunker - Bruxelles (BE)
04/08/2013 @ La Rumeur - Lille (FR)
04/07/2013 @ Ecuyes - Le Bocal - Caen (FR)
04/06/2013 @ Canadian Café - Tours (FR)
04/05/2013 @ La Cantine de Belleville - Paris (FR)
04/04/2013 @ Caveau du Grand Sauvoy - Nancy (FR)
03/19/2013 @ Monk’s Café - Lille (FR) w/ Mörse
03/11/2013 @ Magasin 4 - Brussels (BE) w/ Don Vito
03/08/2013 @ Ecaussinnes (BE) w/ Mon Autre Groupe
03/05/2013 @ Ateliers Claus - Brussels (BE) w/ Iceage
01/21/2013 @ Petit Bitu - Namur (BE)
10/27/2012 @ Belvedere - Namur (BE)
10/21/2012 @ Atelier Claus w/Doomsday Student - Bruxelles (BE)
10/17/2012 @ Rock Café - Leuven (BE)
07/20/2012 @ L’Imposture - Lille (FR)
07/14/2012 @ Cornwall Bar - Tournai (BE)
07/13/2012 @ La Cantine de Belleville - Paris (FR)
07/12/2012 @ Caveau du Grand Sauvoy - Nancy (FR)
07/11/2012 @ L’Astrophone - Metz (FR)
06/29/2012 @ Local de la 5ième - Mouscron (BE)
05/19/2012 @ Erasmus Sound Festival - Bree (BE)
04/12/2012 @ DNA - Brussels (BE)
04/06/2012 @ Magasin 4 - Bruxelles (BE)
04/06/2012 @ Jukebox Festival - Tournai (BE)
03/17/2012 @ Arc-en-Musique festival - Ecaussinnes (BE)
12/18/2012 @ DNA - Brussels (BE)
11/19/2011 @ La Taverne Du Théâtre - La Louvière (BE)
11/10/2011 @ La Cambre - Brussels (BE)
10/29//2011@ Carlo Lévi - Liège (BE)



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Siamese Queens Brussel, Belgium

Brussels, capital of crime and various brigandage. Year 2011. 
Five drunken black metal fans high on PCP joined their special evil forces to create a badass and dreadful mayhem with their bleeding fingers and crooked legs to annihilate your ears and hearts.
Siamese Queens sounds like Crimson Curse practicing coitus interruptus with Fugazi, while Birthday Party are taking a blood bath.
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Track Name: Mona Lisa The First
I want a straight jacket and I want it right now.
I'm not going out anymore.
I can't see a difference between what is right or wrong.
I'm not going out tonight.
Too many questions. They trapped me.
I can't move anymore.
There's some corpses in the valley.
I can't really see. But there's still something who's looking at me, running and
haunting me, running down on me.
Thoses faces are looking at me, frightening me.
What can I do?
WHY? I'm wondering why?
Track Name: Horses & Horns
Those fallen faces gnaw the painting hanging on my walls.
Machines guns, machines guns.
Well when your machines are frozen.
Lady, what do you expect? What do you expect?
I crowled through 666 skeletons, famous prayers.
Wiches, witches.
They're obscene looking and haunting my shadow.
Riches, riches?
I'm the "click click click" ticking horse with right horns.
Floating on the wild seas.
And I'm grieving for my lover.
Can you figure it out ?
I have no taste.
Witches, witches, witches.
I sing and I'm grieving for my lover.
Can you figure it out?
Those trees are fading on me.
Witches, witches, witches.
Track Name: Sea Has No Mercy
I think of you. I keep walking. Keep sailing as our feet come crashing down to the ground.
Don't want to fly. I am starving.
Come on let's cross the field.
Our unicorn soldiers strip your eyes.
We're so far. So close to me. You're tied to me.
Hollowed skin. Old scratches.
Glossy lips. It's all about our story.
Pull the trigger it's so easy to push myself to the other side.
I think of you. I keep walking.
Keep sailing as our feet come crashing down to the ground.